Pull Reports for Registration

Q: How do I pull a report that lists custom question answers and individual participants for registrations?

A: To pull a report that lists custom question answers and individual participants for registrations, you will first need to filter your report to get the information you want: 

  • Go to the campaign editor for the event campaign you would like to pull the report for, then click 
    • Campaign Reporting > Transaction and Activity Reporting
  • Choose Report Type =  Registrations 
  •  Set the Date filter (we suggest setting the Parameter to "Is before" and Value: to "Today")
  • Hit Generate Report

Now you will want to drill down the data and get the data points you need:

  • Scroll down and click Custom Report
  • A popup overlay will appear to allow you to pick the fields you want in your report
  • At minimum, your list needs to contain the full name of each person, and either their email or phone number. To get this information, go to Participant Details: select Participant First Name, Participant Last Name, and Participant Email
  • Select any other data points you would like to gather
  • To include custom field answers in your report, scroll to the Custom Field section and Select all, Deselect all, or choose individual custom fields: Note: All custom fields in your account will appear in this section, however, ONLY custom fields added to this specific campaign will have data available in this report. 
  • If you added Custom Fields at the Order Level, you will also want to include those in your report. To do this: 
    •  Click the link that says Show Advanced Custom Field Settings 
    • Then click Yes to "Include Associated Order-level Custom Fields in reports?"
  • Finally, choose whether you'd like to open the report in a new window, receive a .csv format report via email, or both. Then click Get Report: