Recurring Donations FAQ

Q: How do recurring donations work in your system, and do our recurring donors have the option to specify on which day they want their card to be charged?

A: Yes! When a donor signs up for the initial donation, the system will by default use the date of the transaction to use for future recurrences. As soon as the first of recurring donation is made, the donor receives an emailed receipt that has a link to edit the donation settings. Using this link, they can manage their settings such as pick the date on which they prefer to be charged, change the frequency, amount, or cancel their donation. As every subsequent recurring donation is processed, they continue to receive the same receipt with a link to update their donation settings.

Q: What happens when a donor's credit card is declined on a recurring charge?

A: Multiple emails are sent out automatically to the donor within a 7 day period to alert the donor to log in and update their credit card information. If it is not updated within a week, the donation goes to "failed" status - they will have to re-sign up for a recurring donation again in that case.