Tool Stats

Tool stats are available for Registrations, Volunteers, Online Store, and Sponsorships. Tool stats allow you to see a high-level snapshot of what activity is happening in each group/position/sponsorship/item you have created in each tool.  At a glance you will be able to see the (1) the  amount that has been sold, (2) the amount currently in someone's cart, (3) the remaining amount available and (4) the amount of dollars raised. See full details of each stat below: 

Tool Stats Definitions:

  • Quantity: all quantity limits set at the type level added together
  • Reserved: the number of quantities that have been sold/reserved (transactions that have been completed) 
  • Pending: the number of transactions that are currently in cart(s) and have not been completed yet by supporters 
  • Available: Quantity minus Reserved minus Pending
  • Amount Raised: the sum of all reserved quantities multiplied by their price (the price is calculated with the following formula: Base Price + Shipping + Sales Tax + (-discount) )

Where to See Tool Stats: 

  • Go to Campaigns > Edit this Campaign (for the campaign you are working on) > Tool Settings > Manage Settings (choose the tool you would like to find stats for) 
  • For Registrations: click Registration Groups - Published
  • For Volunteers:  click Volunteer Positions-Published 
  • For Online Store: click Published Items 
  • For Sponsorships: click Published Sponsorships