How can we view offline donations?
You can generate a report of offline donations by following the steps below: Go to Reports  menu in your Flipcause dashboard. Navigate to Transaction & Activity Tab. Under Transaction & Activity Reporting section,  for Cho...
Is it possible to generate a report filtered by donation amount?
You can generate a report of specific donation amount through the Reports section of your Dashboard.  Here are instructions for generating that report:  Go to   Reports Select Transaction & Activity   For your fil...
Is it possible to run a report to view upcoming expiring credit cards?
 Follow the steps below to view upcoming expiring credit cards in Flipcause: On Flipcause dashboard, go to Reports Open   Subscribers (Recurring Donor). Under Subscriber (Recurring Donor) Reporting section, you can change  Ch...
Is there a way to limit the access to reports section?
 At the moment, there is not a way to limit the data that an admin can access through the Reports section. If they have access to the Reports section, they will be able to pull reports on all data.
Can we have a total amount of donation transaction when exporting a printed or emailed report?
Currently, exported reports can only show the breakdown of the data. It cannot be automatically calculated so you will need to use a basic sum formula to come up with the totals in the spreadsheet.
Is it possible to stop cancelled registrations from showing in our reports?
We can delete a transaction through the back end. However, if there was a financial transaction associated with it, we cannot delete it from the system to maintain data integrity. 
Does Flipcause have export history in dashboard?
There is not a way to view your export history. If you have a file of your most recent export, you can check the date of the last transaction, and use that as the date for your report.