Custom Domains

We provide two options for customizing your campaign site URL:

  1. Flipcause custom subdomains 
  2. Fully white-labeled domain masking

Flipcause Custom Subdomains

Flipcause subdomains are subdomains of, in the format “”. To get started, just let us know which campaign site you’d like to create a subdomain for and the custom subdomain you’d like to use, and we’ll get this done for you within 3 business days.

White-Labeled Domain Masking

For white-labeled domain masking, we mask the URL of your campaign site with a domain or subdomain that you own. This could be a top-level domain (i.e. or a subdomain (i.e. Please let us know what domain or subdomain you want to use, and what campaign site you’d like it to mask, and we’ll get the process started for you. Please note that for white-labeled domains, you’ll need to change your DNS records (since you are the domain owner). This can easily be done by logging into your domain registrar and pointing your domain or subdomain to our servers. We can do this for you, or we can guide you through how to do it yourself.

Once you know which method you’d prefer, please contact us and we’ll exchange the necessary information to get things going! See here for pricing.