Change Tax Deductible Settings

By default, the donation receipt your supporters will receive will list Donations as 100% Tax-Deductible and will include the tax-deductible disclaimer for 501(c)3 corporations. If this does not apply to your organization, you can change these settings in the Donation Tool Settings for your campaign:

To edit the tax deductible settings for your campaign, go to Campaigns > Edit This Campaign > Manage Settings.

Click the Edit button next to the Donations/Payments frequency (One-Time, Monthly Recurring, Quarterly Recurring and/or Annual Recurring) featured in your campaign.


From here, you can set the tax-deductible status for campaign donations. From the dropdown menu, you can choose to set the tax deductible status as "Not Tax-Deductible." 

Then hit Save to apply the settings to all future campaign contributions. Complete these steps as necessary for all donation frequencies (One-Time, Monthly Recurring, Quarterly Recurring, and/or Annual Recurring) featured in your campaign.

Set a Tax-Deductible Percentage for Campaign Contributions

Follow the steps above and then select "Percentage Tax-Deductible," from the menu. This will let you edit how much of the donation is tax-deductible up to 100%.

Don't forget to click Save, and your changes will be reflected in your campaign for all future transactions!