Update Supporters and Campaign

The Updates feature allows you to communicate with your supporters who have participated in your campaign. You can find Updates within the Campaign Editor. (Click "Edit this Campaign" and click Updates on the top menu.)

Here, you can post updates to the campaign as well as send a note to all of the supporters in that campaign with the update.

Show or Hide Updates (1)

From the first section, Update Settings, you can choose to Show or Hide updates within the campaign. Toggling it to Show will publish any updates to a section in your Campaign.

Add an Update (2)

In Add New Update, you can add an update to the campaign. Once an update has been created, you can save it as a Draft and see it in the Drafts (4) section, or you can publish and later view it in the Published Updates (3) section. There's also a Deleted Updates (5) section in case you ever need to go back to an update you have deleted. 

To add an update, you can pick the date to be listed on the update, set a Title, and in the Body area enter the update. You can also use the rich text formatting tool bar at the top, and add images or videos.

Email an Update to your Supporters

Before hitting "Save to Drafts or Publish" you will have the option to email-blast this update to your supporters as well. On the bottom right you will see a toggle to Email This Update to Your Supporters When Published.  Toggle to Yes if you want to email the update to everyone who has participated in this campaign. 

Share an Update on Facebook

In addition to emailing your update, you can also share the update to your Facebook Account. To share, toggle the "Post This Update to Facebook When Published" to Yes and this will allow you to share the update on Facebook automatically.

Don't forget to hit "Save to Drafts" or "Publish Update" once finished!