Refund a Transaction

In the Reports section of the Dashboard: Go to Reports > Transactions. Once here, set the report filters for "All Activity" and the correct date range to find the correct transaction, and view the individual transactions displayed at the bottom. Once you find the Transaction you are looking to refund, click the Details button and then hit Cancel/Refund. Here, enter the Refund Amount and the reason for refund, and choose whether to notify the supporter by email of this update.

Q: When I process a refund for a credit card payment, and the donor did not cover the processing fee, do I still refund the full amount of the credit card transaction or just the amount that CFA received? 

A: It depends on how your organization prefers to handle this. Transaction fees are not refundable from the credit card company. From the donor or customer perspective, they would expect to be refunded the full amount they paid. However, refunding them the full transaction will leave your organization to foot the bill for the transaction fee. So, it would be up to you whether you want to give the supporter a positive experience and cover the cost, or to be strict about zeroing out the transaction, and refund them only what was received.