Filter Reports

To view more detailed information about your transactions, go into the “Transactions” tab of the Reports section.

You will be presented with different filtering options that you can apply to generate a report. You can filter the report by date range, type of activity - whether it is all activity, donations, event registrations, volunteer sign ups - or you can also choose a specific campaign. Once you have selected your criteria, click “Generate Report”.

Once you have generated the report, the results will appear below in a graph, and you will be presented with a list of individual transactions. You can view the full report by clicking “View Full Report”, which will give you all transaction details and donor information.

From here, you can export the full report into a .csv file that you can upload into any CRM or donor database your organization is using by clicking the “Export Full Report” button.

You can also print the full report, and you can pull a custom if there are certain individual fields you are looking to gather.