How to add a Goal, Progress Meter, and Deadline

To get started, navigate to the Campaign Editor of the campaign in question.

1. Go to Campaign Settings, open Goal and End Date Settings, and click Edit.

2. Here you can enter your fundraising goal (use numbers only, no commas or $ or other symbols), an end date, and choose to display the amount raised, progress bar, and percentage raised. Be sure to hit SAVE before moving on. Finally, click Preview Campaign Site to see the changes.

(Please note that all of this info will not display on the Integrated Campaign unless the campaign has more than one tool active in it).

3. Here is where the progress meter and all the other information we added above will show up:

4. If you want to manually adjust the progress shown here, both the meter and the amount of supporters, you can do so in the Activity tab in the Campaign Editor. In this section, open "Make a Progress Adjustment" and click EDIT. Enter the amount you'd like to adjust the progress meter and a description. Make sure to only use numbers for the amount, and keep in mind you can also enter a negative amount to adjust the meter the other way. Be sure to hit SAVE.

5. You'll notice that on the same page, you can also make an adjustment to the number of supporters. Once you have made adjustments like this, you can use the Manage Progress and Supporter Adjustments areas to make changes.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to or your Account Manager!